An Information Technology Integration Company

Technical Innovation

Change is not always welcomed and in a world where technology is forver evolving, it may be difficult to adapt or keep up with these changes. Our goal is to provide services in which will allow our clients to flourish in an ever changing technological world.

Client Relations

Establishing trust through communicating in a way that is easily understood by our clients. Our key focus is to convey how these services and technologies can improve their business, in a way that is easily understood.

Your Business Matters

We understand that your time is valuable, down time equates to loss revenue for businesses big or small. We feel that it is important to respond to all businesses no matter the size with the same consideration to ensure they are operating as smooth as possible.

Welcome to M6 Consulting

At M6 we understand that not everyone is a tech wizard. If that was the case there would be no use for IT people, Sadly not everyone is, however that is not a reason to belittle someone or be condescending. For us we believe that great support includes great customer service, and not just at the begining or to get a sale, but through the life time of a relationship and beyond.

We are ready to fulfill your web design needs. Get in touch with us now.

We, at M6 Consulting understand having a website for your business does not mean, it is enough to attract your customers towards products or services. It is essential for a website to be user friendly, professional, and search engine friendly. Our experts work taking creativity and usability together.

Why M6 Consulting Web Design Services?

  • Focused professional outlook
  • Suitable color schemes
  • Website theme based on industry
  • Speed optimization for great user experience
  • Easy and simple navigation
  • Search engine friendly

Search Engine Optimization
SEM and SMM!

No matter you are large-sized business or small, we will provide you successful SEO solutions.

You can rely on our commitments and get effective organic results as we focus on providing you results that are actually helpful. Speak to us to see the distinction.

For you to get the full benefit of our SMM service we understand your product, the campaign and the target audience.

So we begin by understanding your goals, create content for the social media that can achieve these goals.

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We value your privacy. We never send you anyspam or pass your information to 3rd parties.

With the growth in business the competition becomes stiff, it is quite often that rumours are churned, misleading facts emerge and allegations that are fake is made in the internet and social media. All these factors can stain the company or organization’s reputation. We at M6works will help you and your company in protecting the reputation as Online Reputation Management team. Our job is to identify the competitors and trolls and keep them at bay.

Deep integration with industry leading technology companies.
Insures customized cutting edge solutions that fit the specific needs of your company…